The Appliance Master and His Family

My name is Shane. I am the owner of Shane's Appliance Repair. I have been in the appliance repair business since 2002. Prior to working in the appliance repair field, I did appliance delivery and installation for about 3 years. I was trained to do appliance repair by the late Leo Maschmier and his son, Jeff. Leo and Jeff owned an appliance store in my hometown. Under the guidance of Leo and Jeff, not only did I learn the skills needed for appliance repair, but I watched and learned how a small family owned business could thrive by providing excellent services and products at a reasonable rate while standing firm in their morals and commitment to a community.

Myself, my wife and my children moved to the Colorado Springs area in 2007 so that my son could attend the Colorado School for the Blind. After my son’s first year of school, it was determined that the public school he was in would not be the best fit for him and his disabilities. He needed more, he needed specialized help. We looked at a few different schools, but ultimately determined that the Colorado School for the Blind would be the best fit for him. When we came to visit the school we also fell in love with the Colorado Springs area. Colorado Springs offered the school we needed for our son, great job opportunities, educational opportunities, medical specialists, and recreational options. It was the perfect place for us to plant our young family’s roots.  

In June of 2007, with $50 in my pocket, a strong work ethic, and the determination not to fail, I left our home town and came to Colorado Springs with the goal of getting established so my family could follow before the start of the school year. I arrived in town late at night and parked outside the appliance repair company that had a full page listing in the yellow pages. I slept in my truck and waited for morning. When morning came I walked into the company and talked to the owner. He was willing to give me a shot, one I am forever grateful for. Within about 6 week's time, I had secured housing for my family and was able to get them moved to town.

I worked for this company and another in town. I was struggling with the amount I was being forced to charge customers and the inability to be flexible and work with a customer's needs. So, I decided I would venture out on my own and work for myself. This would allow me to provide expert services tailored to a customer's needs and charge them a fair price. When I left the last company, I started work at a major retailer in the evening unloading trucks while during the day I worked to build my clientele and generate enough income to sustain my family. Within a few months, I had done just that. In a little over a year’s time I was busy enough that my wife was able to take over the office side of the business.

Here we are, all these years later, still plugging away. I have learned and grown so much in the last 15+ years. In all of these years, I have never spent a dime on advertising. Typically people get my name from a friend, family member or neighbor. Word of mouth advertising is always the best. For 15 years (and continuing), I have been able to provide for my family so that we could all grow and thrive in a turbulent economy and ever changing world.

My wife, Alexis, runs the office aspect of the business. She answers the phone and returns calls, schedules appointments, takes payments and provides all of the bookkeeping for the business. She also cares for our son, David, who requires 24 hour supervision and assistance with most all of his daily needs. Over the years, working in the office has provided her the ability to care for and raise our children while contributing to the business. She also operates her own side business, making grazing spreads, jam, candles, flower arrangements and other novelty items.

My wife and I have two children together, David and Kimber. Our son, David, is a 2019 graduate of the Colorado School for the Blind. He has multiple disabilities, but continues to grow, learn and thrive at home. Our daughter, Kimber, is a 2024 graduate of Peyton High School. She is pursuing a career in Personal Training, with an emphasis in corrective exercise and performance enhancement, and Nutrition.

As I mentioned above, I have been in the appliance repair field for 22 years and counting. I love to ride my motorcycle, and when the weather permits that is my main mode of transportation. I also love to weld, build things, tinker with everything, play darts and pool, play the drums and spend time with my family. Whether it is turning a snowmobile into a ‘dirtmobile’, designing and welding a variety of decor, or taking my family for putt-putt golf and FroYo, I always have something taking up my “spare” time. In the future my wife and I would like to be able to travel the country and see what this amazing country holds outside of the Colorado and Nebraska borders! My goal is to continue to provide for and support myself and my family and their ever evolving needs by continuing to provide expert services to customers at a reasonable rate!

From my family, it is with great gratitude that we say, we appreciate all of the customers that continue to support our small business and we appreciate all of the new customers that give us a shot. While we have grown to learn that we are not a fit for every person, we do strive to do our best and provide exceptional customer service to everyone we cross.